Up until 2010, we often wondered if we wanted to invest in product development. Like many companies at the time, we were focussing on services in order to finance potential products. In the end, we decided to let go of the idea of designing products, because our service offering was really solid. After that, our growth curve was impressive, turning our 23-person team into the 150-person organization we are today.
– Stéphane Rouleau, President and Co-founder of Spiria

When I ask Stéphane to describe Spiria and their value proposition, he explains that the management team is actually trying to update their definition: “After 15 years of existence, it’s important to revisit it… simply said, we’re a digital solutions firm. Our clients call upon us to solve the digital components of their problems, due to lack of knowledge, resources or time on their part. In co-creation with them, we develop the best technology to optimize their activities.”

Spiria’s 150 experts share offices in Montreal (the company’s head office), Gatineau-Ottawa, Boston and, since the end of 2017, Toronto. They develop custom software, mobile and web applications, IoT solutions, M2M and embedded systems, as well as designing UX/UI and creating websites.

Spirian know-how

In 2003, Stéphane left his position as a developer and proposed launching a software development company to his current partner. “He agreed, and our long-term plan was nothing more than to offer our own development services,” recounts Spiria’s president. “So that’s how it started, everyone in their respective basements…”

Since then, the company has delivered more than 1,000 innovative projects for over 400 clients. This vast experience and versatility allow Spiria to adapt their expertise from one sector to another. “For example, whether it’s a financial company or a business in the food sector, the issues with which they consult us are often similar,” explains Stéphane. “Unlike digital solution developers who specialize in a particular field and always implement the same type of project, we offer a different perspective to our clients.”

In addition to their excellent reputation for quality service, Spiria is particularly renowned locally for their technology blog. “Many people follow our blog, not just clients. Here in Montreal, people tell me they appreciate it because it helps keep them informed about technologies,” relays Stéphane. As part of a long-term strategy that does not focus exclusively on sales, Spiria wants to communicate that software development is not something to be wary of; it’s not invariably risky and extremely expensive. “We want to demystify it a bit, to show that in 2018, it’s possible to get custom-made software that precisely meets your business needs, rather than having to be content with a version that does so at 80%… sometimes that little 20% extra makes all the difference.”

Team spirit

The co-founder of Spiria also asserts that the company devotes much energy to their employees’ quality of life. “We treat them well, so that they’re motivated to provide superior service to our clients.” Spiria’s success therefore is the result of an amazing team and a set of efficient processes, developed through 15 years of experience with a diverse clientele.

Last February, Spiria celebrated their 15th anniversary at Château Montebello, bringing together the teams from their various offices. The two days of festivities were also an opportunity to prepare everyone for the upcoming projects and goals over the next five years. “Everyone who was there thoroughly enjoyed it, and now we’re really looking forward to our 20th,” remarks the president.

Source: Mélanie Pilon, writer for the Star Tech Vitrine


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