Wednesday March 5, from 6h00 to 8h00 PM 

The Jeune Chambre de commerce de Montréal (JCCM), and with the Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal (CEIM) are pleased to invite you to their next Cocktail entrepreneur.











Guest speaker
Vincent Routhier
Founder and Chief Story Teller of Saga World

One challenge entrepreneurs frequently face is to effectively communicate their value proposition, not only to customers, but also to vendors, partners, investors, their own team and ultimately to touch and engage their customers with their brands and product.

Great entrepreneurs, besides having a big vision and the capacity to execute on it, have one point in common: they are all great storytellers. Vincent Routhier understood early the power of crafting the right message for your audience as well as the importance of delivering it through the right medium.

Saga World is a production agency that aims to foster positive social change, engage audiences and incite them to action by pioneering Transmedia or Immersive storytelling, the technique of conveying messages, concepts and themes to a mass audience through systemic and concerted use of multiple media platforms.

With more than 180 productions, collaboration on international productions a recognition of excellence by winning an OCTAS, Saga World is the first if not the only production agency that specializes in Transmedia in Quebec.



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