Thanks to their valuable expertise and wide network of connections, we've been able to double the number of business opportunities that presented themselves to us. If more Canadian companies could benefit from their services, it would increase their export potential to levels well above those expected.

Gabriel De Roy - Founder of Neonable

I launched my business in Los Angeles. The CEIM provided me with all the support and guidance that I needed to start my studio in Montreal: strategic planning, executive coaching, tax credits, private venture capital ...

Benoit Girard - Founder of Digital Dimensions

I was able to demo our products to dozens of bloggers, industry press, game developers and publishers alike. Speaking with others who did not receive the same opportunity, I realized how fortunate I was to show off our products in front of such an influential audience.I'm extremely thankful at being selected to participate through CEIM and grateful to the hard work of Pierre, Martin and others at organizing these trips.

Kyle Kulyk, FMA - Co-founder/Lead Developer, Itzy Interactive

Our purpose was strategic as we are looking for the right partners to help support our efforts to market and launch our game in Europe. In this regard we had numerous planned (and impromptu) meetings and introductions with relevant publishers, consultants, and experts to discuss strategies and potential partnerships, which made the trip well worth attending.

Noah Decter-Jackson - CEO & Creative Director, Complex Games Inc.