technopolys : a movement to promote Quebec’s technology industry of tomorrow

Join us in Quebec's most ambitious tech industry promotion strategy

CEIM is a proud founding partner of technopolys, a movement spearheaded by companies, universities, research centres, and associations in the ICT sector and aiming to showcase our most prestigious technology companies.

We are particularly proud of our innovations and creativity and believe that, by speaking with a single voice, we will be better positioned to increase Quebec's international recognition as a bastion of digital innovation.

Montreal and Quebec abound with talented entrepreneurs who are highly successful on the international scene. We are pleased to be able to play our part in helping to promote them through technopolys.
- Serge Bourassa, Président et chef des opérations au CEIM

Fostering a sense of collective pride and strengthening our leadership position

technopolys draws on the sense of pride within our industry and helps to:

• increase knowledge about its contribution to Quebec’s economy, the innovation ecosystem, and citizens’ quality of life;
• promote entrepreneurship, technology careers, and the teaching programs that lead to them;
• increase international recognition for Québec as a centre of digital innovation.

Elsa Lebey
Communications Manager