Étienne Lagacé, B. Eng., M. Eng.

Before founding Agile MV, a strategic consulting firm, in 2014, Étienne Lagacé worked for 10 years in the venture capital industry.

Through his experiences with start-ups, he developed a vast business network and a thorough understanding of the medical sector, as well as product development and management. In 2012, Etienne joined the Hacking Health team as an advisor and, in 2015, he co-founded the Hacking Health Accelerator, specialized in digital health and became its General Manager.

Étienne also worked with renowned companies such as Jintronix, which combines evidence-based treatments, virtual games, and motion tracking sensors to offer a fun and effective tool for physical rehabilitation. In 2013, Étienne was President and CEO of Gaargle Solutions, which provides healthcare professionals with intuitive software solutions to streamline their practice while providing the best possible care to their patients.

Étienne joined MSBi Valorisation in 2011, as Investment Manager for medical technologies. MSBi Valorisation provides capital and resources for supporting the commercialization of high potential technologies stemming from research being performed within McGill, Sherbrooke and Bishop’s universities including their affiliated hospitals and entities.

In 2015, Étienne joined CEIM’s team as an external consultant. He works with entrepreneurs, investors and strategic partners to help commercialize innovative healthcare solutions. Étienne graduated from Université de Sherbrooke with bachelor and master degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering, respectively.