Christian Wopperer

Christian Wopperer has over twenty-five years of experience in business development and IT sales in Europe and Canada.  His background as an entrepreneur gives him a solid foundation in the marketing and sales challenges faced by start-up companies.   He founded and managed a Zürich-based (Switzerland) company specializing in the development and sale of quality insurance software.  His company increased its sales figures by 250 % annually. Since his arrival in Canada in 1995, he helped Canadian companies export to Europe, has headed the marketing and sales department of Orthofab Inc. and implemented KMtechnologies’ commercialisation strategy in Montreal.

At CEIM, Christian developed a technique to identify potential clients, known as the “Mechanics of commercialisation”. This program assists entrepreneurs in the building and managing of a commercialization department, with minimal investment, within a short delay and with almost immediate ROI. Christian Wopperer’s brings his expertise to a project primarily at the beginning stages and in sales development. He offers seminars on various sales-related themes on a regular basis.

Christian Wopperer is senior lecturer at École Polytechnique de Montréal where he teaches commercialization of new products and services. He holds a Swiss Business degree (or “maturity level”), a Diploma in Informatics from EPSIC (Lausanne, Switzerland) and an Advanced Management Certificate from McGill University.