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 Montreal, October 22 2022 – CEIM is proud to announce that it has awarded, through the Société d’Investissement Jeunesse (S.I.J.) impact fund, a total of $100,000 in funding to SmartPixel, a fast-growing company that has played a pioneering role in real-time 3D applications and that has established itself as a world’s leader in its field. 

The company, which is headquartered in Montreal, has also built a strong presence across Canada (Ontario), France (Paris) and Colombia (Bogota) and serves a wide range of customers in sectors as diverse as real estate, engineering, tourism, education and transportation. 

In recent years, SmartPixel has been seeking to enhance its A.R.T. (Advanced Reality Tool™) platform which makes it possible for real estate developers to sell or rent their condos before they are even built. To this end, the company will unveil, in 2023, a new technology breakthrough that will, once again, mark the beginning of a new cycle for the Quebec-based SME.

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