Life Sciences

Evaluation of market potential – Lead generation – Licenses

Our commercialization support for life sciences technology projects targets companies with know-how and a patented product who have graduated from the development phase and are now ready to market their product or to enter into a licensing agreement with a trade partner.  With a business plan and marketing or licensing strategy in hand, they now need specialised help in selling their product.


To develop and implement the marketing process and, in case of a license, to conclude contacts and negotiate the terms and conditions of agreements with interested parties.


Evaluation of market potential:

– qualitative/quantitative surveys (market needs, size, positioning)

– financial evaluation (GO/NO GO) (return on investment)

Lead generation:

– preparation of prospective client lists

– telemarketing and qualification of prospects

– sales coaching

– development of sales tools


– preparation of prospective licensee listings

– specialized cold calls

– negotiation of license agreement terms and conditions

Business activities

– Biotechnology
– Pharmaceutical
– Biopharmaceutical
– Nutraceutical
– Agro-business