Information Technologies

Lead Generation – Sales Department Coaching

Our commercialization support program targets companies having unique know-how and products who have graduated from the development phase and are now ready for market penetration.  With a business plan and marketing strategy in hand, they now need specialized help in selling their product(s).


To build the sales department or sales team needed to drive the company to profitability, by providing sales training and coaching in the development of an efficient and effective sales structure.


Lead generation:

– target market qualification (what to sell to whom)

– coaching in contract negotiation

– preparation of prospective client lists

– lead qualification

– telemarketing and identification of interested prospects

Web referencing (Google AdWords)

Sales department coaching:

– sales process assessment

– sales representative recruitment and training (CEIM financial support available to cover base salary)

– virtual Vice President, Sales

– focus group studies

Management consulting:

– sales representative coaching

– customer service coaching

– development of sales tools

– seminars and specialized training

Business sectors

– Information technology
– Software solutions
– E-commerce

For more information:
Christian Wopperer, Vice President
Telephone: (514) 866-0575, extension 240