Our Business Model

CEIM contributes to the start-up and development of innovative companies by providing them with the services they need at each step of their development.  This consulting service is tailored to each project’s specific requirements according to the project’s:

  1. Stage of development
  2. Technology sector, and
  3. Management team capabilities

Entrepreneurs are invited to contact the appropriate CEIM department manager directly by phone or email.  CEIM consultants will evaluate the project’s potential, assess its qualification against CEIM’s selection criteria, perform a needs diagnosis and propose an action plan and service offering, if appropriate.

The incubation program typically lasts from one to three years, depending on the specific needs of the project.  CEIM offers attractive and competitive fees and conditions, fully consistent with its status and the needs and capabilities of its target clientele.

CEIM does not take any ownership position in its client companies.