To establish industrial R&D collaboration and co-development opportunities between Canadian and Brazilian companies in the IoT and BDA sectors, leading to future commercial benefits for Canada and Brazil.


Presentations about the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP), the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) market in Brazil and in Quebec, and the advantages of investing in Quebec.

Business to business meetings (B2Bs) between Quebec and Brazilian companies, scheduled prior to event.


The Internet of Things (IoT) sector in Brazil

Brazil has come from 1 connection per 20 people to 1.6 connections per person in the last 30 years— almost 90% of them wireless. The last 30 years brought mobile and data to the Brazilian population. Over the next 10 years Brazil could move to a situation of 20-60 connections per person! The main industries currently making use of IoT in Brazil are: real-estate, manufacturing, information, transportation, utilities, finance, health and agriculture. Mining, oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, information, finance, utilities and publics sector are emerging as key IoT focus areas in Brazil. Source: Deloitte, 2016.

The IoT sector will add US$352 billion to the Brazilian economy until 2022: US$70 billion in the public sector and US$282 billion in the private sector. Currently, the average amount allocated by the private sector in IoT projects is approximately US$79 million. Source: Cisco, 2015. Brazilian companies that already invested in IoT have registered a revenue increase between 11% and 20%. Source: Tata Consultancy Services, 2015.

The Big Data & Analytics (BDA) sector in Brazil

Big data and analytics is already a large market in Brazil accounting for several hundred million dollars with revenue expected to reach a billion dollars by 2018.
Some verticals that can be highlighted in this country are :

1.Telecom, working on projects to reduce churn rate;
2.Banking and Finance, especially doing fraud-analysis projects;
3.Retailers, starting to personalize their physical stores and web sites according to the customers’ characteristics.

Participating Brazilian Companies

Please click on the following link to view the Brazilian company profiles:
CATALOGUE – IoT and BDA Mission to Canada – Brazilian Companies’ Profile – June 06th

Targeted Canadian Companies

1. Companies developing technologies in the IoT and BDA sectors with potential for international commercialization.
2. Already commercialized products in domestic and/or other markets
3. Existing relationship with a foreign partner or capacity to develop and maintain it
4. Company is in expansion stage and needs R&D to bring product to next level and new markets


How to Apply for Participation:

If you are interested in meeting with the IoT and BDA Brazilian companies taking part in this mission to Canada, we kindly request that you fill out the attached application form and submit it to :

Mrs. Sheila Dantas Santos
IoT & BDA Trade Commissioner in São Paulo
Email: SPALO.ICT@international.gc.ca
Telephone: +55-11-5509-4355

Please click on the following to fill-out the application form: Application Form


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