CEIM is pleased to highlight its partnership agreement with the Digital Imagery Research and Development Center (CDRIN).

This agreement seeks to promote exchanges and business opportunities between the two organizations and reflects their shared commitment to support the creation and development of innovative digital imaging and video game companies.

A college technology transfer centre (CTTC) affiliated with CEGEP de Matane, CDRIN offers Research and Development (R&D) services, technical assistance, specialized training and innovation support. CDRIN positions itself in the promotion of digital intelligence technologies for the benefit of the creative and cultural industries.

A first CEIM incubated company to be referred to CDRIN

e→d films has mandated CDRIN to support the research and development of a new tool that enables artists to create projects in 2D and quickly generate them in 3D. This gain in creativity and productivity resulted in the animation studio that employs a dozen employees carrying out projects that match up to its ambitions.

Without CDRIN, the animation automation tool would never have seen the light of day.
– Archita Ghosh – Executive Producter, e→d films