François Gilbert
President and CEO

Since 2008, François Gilbert is President and CEO of Anges Québec. Previously he was the CEO of FIER Succès, a Venture Capital fund based in Quebec City. Personally or with his partners, he has participated in over forty private investments over the last several years.

François Gilbert is Director of Réseau Capital. He was Director and Chairman of the audit committee and the remuneration committee of Roctest (RTT) from 2005 to 2010 and Chairman of the Board of Kaydara, (3D animation software sold in more than 30 countries) until the sale of the company in September 2004. François Gilbert was also Chairman of the Board of Medicago (alfalfa transgenic producer). He graduated from ICD Corporate Governance College at McGill University.


Anges Québec’s mission is to help its angel investor members obtain the most profitable return on their angel investments. To this end, Anges Québec identifies the best entrepreneurs and business opportunities, and supports the members who finance them. Anges Québec members are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who contribute to the launch and growth of businesses in a variety of markets and product applications. For example, Anges Québec has invested in UGroupMedia (UGM), a Montreal-based company specializing in the development and deployment of innovative solutions for customized transmedia experiences. UGM is also a CEIM client.


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