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Louis Carbonneau
Founder and CEO, Tangible IP LLC
Founder and Principal, The Point Law Group, Seattle
Partner, Cycle Capital Management
Special Advisor, IP Strategy, CEIM

Louis Carbonneau is one of the world`s leading intellectual property strategists. He is a lawyer and patent broker, and Partner at Cycle Capital Management, a Montreal-based venture capital firm.
He worked at Microsoft Corporation for 15 years, notably in the key role of General Manager, IP Licensing & IP Ventures.

Louis Carbonneau was previously General Counsel of Softimage and he practiced law at Smart & Biggar. He is a frequent guest speaker on the subject of IP strategy, innovation and licensing and how they relate to business. He advises many start-ups incubated at CEIM. Louis Carbonneau graduated in law at Université de Montréal.


Claude Champagne
In-house Entrepreneur at Cycle Capital Management

As an entrepreneur-in-residence, Claude Champagne advises the Cycle Capital Management (CCM) investment team and its portfolio companies on strategy and business development.

Prior to joining CCM, Mr. Champagne had a brilliant career in technology development, commercialization, and corporate leadership of high tech companies including Nortel Networks and Positron Industries. He founded PFS (Positron Fiber Systems Corp), a leading producer of fiber optic equipment for the access market, and, in under 5 years, grew it to attain annual sales of M$100 and a successful cross-border IPO (NASDAQ, TSX and MSE). He also served in executive management roles at RELTEC Corp. and Marconi PLC.

In addition to serving on numerous boards and committees, he has mentored several high tech start-up companies including LxDATA, where he became CEO and transformed the company from a supplier of commodity telecom components into a successful integrated solution provider of down-hole sensors for the Oil & Gas industry.

Mr. Champagne was the 1966 inaugural recipient of Canada’s prestigious National IWAY Award for product development contributing to the country’s information highway. He graduated with Distinction in 1981 from McGill University with an Honors B. Electrical Engineering degree.


Issues surrounding a start-up’s intellectual property are often neglected or postponed, due to lack of resources, lack of time or simply a lack of vision by the management team and its investors.

A good IP strategy is paramount to ensure competitive advantage in the long-term, and to pass the test of due diligence by a potential acquirer. Without well-defined IP, a small company offers little interest for acquisition, exposed to competition by others who are free to clone its technology and/or develop similar products internally.


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