Thanks to this reciprocal agreement, clients of CEIM and of WBC will benefit from the services offered by the Liège or Montréal incubators under the same conditions as if they were clients of the partner incubator.
– Serge Bourassa, President and Chief Operations Officer, CEIM

To support entrepreneurship in life sciences, Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal (CEIM) and WBC Incubator, based in Liège, Belgium, signed a cooperation agreement.

Under this agreement, the two organizations are working together to help their respective life sciences clients expand their international operations via Wallonia for CEIM companies into Europe and via Quebec for WBC companies into Canada.

Thanks to this reciprocal agreement, clients of CEIM and of WBC will benefit from the services offered by the Liège or Montréal incubators under the same conditions as if they were clients of the partner incubator.

This agreement was signed by Mrs. Hélène Desmarais, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of CEIM, and Mr. Serge Pampfer, General Manager of WBC Incubator, on the occasion of the State visit to Canada of their Majesties the King and the Queen of the Belgians.

About CEIM

For more than 20 years, CEIM has been devoted to the creation and development of innovative companies in technologies, to the creation of sustainable employment and to the Quebec economic development. CEIM offers a complete range of customized consulting services in management and related services in a simple and effective way. CEIM also provides office space in the Quartier de l’innovation and organizes information and networking events. Among CEIM’s partners are the governments of Quebec and Canada as well as main Canadian innovation centres.

About WBC Incubator

WBC Incubator, founded in 2006, was financed by Sofipôle, Meusinvest and Sambrinvest in order to develop and accelerate innovative, competitive and sustainable companies in the field of life sciences in Wallonia. WBC works closely with all the universities and research centres based in Wallonia and with other economic players in the area. WBC helps structure and mature scientific and technological projects through a set of support tools related mainly to management and financing, as well as to the prototyping, production and launch stages.

23May 2018

When we changed our business model, which was a really major shift towards a new adventure, I didn’t know of any other company in Quebec City that had adopted this SaaS model. There were so few players we could consult to find out how best to go about it, that we decided to design and test a prototype ourselves.
– Johanne Devin, CEO and Co-founder of WebSelf

WebSelf provides website creation tools that are simple, powerful and affordable, or free, to more than 3 million users in over 165 countries. Offering maximum functionality to people who want to develop their own website without having strong technological skills, the platform makes it easy for them, whether setting up a showcase site or an online store. “Even though it’s a standardized environment, we offer great flexibility and many features that can satisfy at least 99% of our customers’ needs,” indicates Johanne.

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09May 2018

Our clients, such as festivals like Francofolies de Montréal or Igloo Fest, appreciate not only that our solution saves them time and money, but also that they know exactly where their festivalgoers come from. Are they only in town for the two days of the event or are they extending their stay to discover the city? How many nights? Alone or accompanied, and by whom? In short, it’s all this data that represents a compelling advantage for our partners.
– Andrew Lockhead, CEO and Co-founder of Stay22

Stay22, an aggregator that lists nearly 6.5 million properties in 200 countries, helps travellers find the best accommodation options near the upcoming events they plan to attend. “We’ve targeted the niche of event management platforms, business conferences, festivals and more, which sets us apart in the huge online travel solutions market,” says Andrew.

Through agreements with partners such as Airbnb, but also with systems like Travelport and HotelsCombined, Stay22 offers visitors a hub that bringsall search resources together in one place, greatly simplifying the planning experience. Everything is adjusted on an interactive map that integrates directly with the event organizer’s website, ticket office or other online destination where users find themselves.

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02May 2018

Up until 2010, we often wondered if we wanted to invest in product development. Like many companies at the time, we were focussing on services in order to finance potential products. In the end, we decided to let go of the idea of designing products, because our service offering was really solid. After that, our growth curve was impressive, turning our 23-person team into the 150-person organization we are today.
– Stéphane Rouleau, President and Co-founder of Spiria

When I ask Stéphane to describe Spiria and their value proposition, he explains that the management team is actually trying to update their definition: “After 15 years of existence, it’s important to revisit it… simply said, we’re a digital solutions firm. Our clients call upon us to solve the digital components of their problems, due to lack of knowledge, resources or time on their part. In co-creation with them, we develop the best technology to optimize their activities.”

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