Wavefront Wireless Zone:
Device Library

Strengthen your digital capacity, competitiveness and prosperity
through our partnership with

thanks to our Wavefront Wireless Zone device library that provides access to over 1,000 devices
to develop linkages with global markets and
support the launch and growth of your business


M2M Accelerator,  Rogers Innovation Mentorship,
RevUp and Global Market Entry



Wireless Zone - Key Benefits

- Elimination of purchase or rental costs 
This service is offered free of charge by CEIM.

- Wide selection of mobile devices that enables you to test your applications' functionality, User Interface, performance and compatibility across multiple platforms and operating systems: mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, sensors ...

NEW: iPhone8 and Samsung Smart Watch now available!

Client Testimonial

From the first day on, the Wireless Zone service became essential to our business. We got the mobile devices at CEIM. As a small business, it is not convenient for us to always buy and maintain a large number of mobile devices only to do a few compatibility tests with our apps. Shortly before a release, we simply reserve the devices that we want; then we go and get them. Just as if it were a library! It’s awesome! Thank you!
- Maxime Lanoue, IT & QA @ Di-O-Matic